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How to Upload an eEdition PDF

Welcome to Our Hometown’s video tutorial series on how to upload an eEdition PDF to your website.

Add New edition
Start by locating the "PDFs" menu item on your website dashboard and select “Add New”
*If you do not see this section, you have not added our interactive eEdition to your Our Hometown plan. Please contact to sign up for our interactive eEdition.
Select "Add New" to add a new eEdition or Special Section to your interactive PDF viewer.

Step Two - Enter the edition date
Second step is to Enter your Edition Date in the "Editions" box on the right-hand side.
“When you click the box a calendar will appear, select the edition date and click add”
Special Sections can use a dated format or a named format, for example "2018 Fall Guide",

Step Three - Select Display Options
The next step is to select your display options.
Start by setting the Category, which controls where your PDF appears on the website.
If you want it to display in the eEdition slider for easy user access, select the eEdition category
By default the eEdition is protected by your paywall, but you can allow free access if you go to the paywall box and select “No” indicating the content is not protected.

Step Four - Save your eEdition
At this point you should save your eEdition.
You have the option to create a custom title, but it’s not required because one will automatically be generated when you upload the PDF.

Step Five - Upload your PDF
Now you can upload your files
The easiest way to upload is page by page, ensuring quick upload times.
If you are uploading a large, complete issue file PLEASE BE PATIENT DURING UPLOAD.
Large files can take a long time to process, so feel free to continue working in a new browser tab or different program, checking back periodically until the upload is complete
If you upload a full edition, the file will be split into individual PDF pages, \u0026 saved to our system.
Once your files are uploaded, a thumbnail of each page will appear in the "Organize PDFs" box above the upload field.
The first page will be auto-set as your featured image - this is the image that will show in the eEdition slider. You can change it or crop the thumbnail if you like.
Rearrange the order of your pages by dragging and dropping the thumbnails.

Then go to the publish box, select the date you’d like the eEdition to go live and click schedule. The eEdition it will automatically publish at that date and time.
You can also click "Publish" and your eEdition will be live immediately
Then if you go to the homepage, you’ll see the new eEdition as the first option in the eEdition slider.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact for support.
Thanks for watching!

How to Upload an eEdition PDF




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