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refill hp 45(51645) inkjet cartridge

refill hp 45 (51645A) inkjet cartridge
Refill House-填充小站-噴墨印表機-墨水-連供-改機-連續供墨-解碼-修復-填充專家 : sticker turn from black to green is showing the original cartridge, it can not turn back. syringe was pull out all air from the printerhead.
LLuE88 : Where can these refill kit or tools be purchased?
Jeff Mullen : @LLuE88 If memory serves, it is against YouTube's policy to allow one to directly plug a specific place of sales (for lack of a better term). I recommend a google search on "refill ink cartridge." It should list several.

I agree with the point that you implied: without the syringes and stand that helps to bleed the air out of the cartridge, and, in the case of the black-ink companion this cartridge, the 45, a replacement plug, the ink itself is useless.
LLuE88 : @cpuwrite,
I agree in part with you, but there are many "products" of various types that freely give their contact information or contact information to some leg of their products.

I have searched by your " " , and havent found yours or any other that is like your or even works with the cleanlyness like yours. If there is some way you could provide this information I would appreaciate it very much.

I will keep trying to find otherwise,
Jeff Mullen : @LLuE88 Like my WHAT? I don't sell these products, nor do I work for any company that does. I am looking to possibly buy a product such as this. Perhaps that is why you haven't found mine! :) :) :)

There is a website whose URL appears in the video--but you, like me, have probably already clicked on it and found that it is in an oriental language. I can't read that language. Maybe they have something...maybe not. :) :) :)

HP 45 und HP 15 Nachfüllanleitung mit dem IRP100 Nachfüllclip von Dr. Inkjet

Hier zeigen wir euch wie zum Beispiel die HP45 (51645A) oder auch die HP15 (C6615A) mit unserem Nachfülltool IRP100 ganz einfach wieder nachgefüllt werden können. Das nachfüllen findet direkt durch den Druckkopf statt, was den wesentlichen Vorteil hat das auch verstopfte Düsen damit zumeist wieder freigespült werden.
Das IRP100 findest du bei uns im Onlineshop unter www.tintenshop365.de.

Einfach die Artikelnummer IRP100 oben in die Suchzeile eingeben und du wirst schnell fündig.
HeyScotG : Is this refill clip available to ship to USA? / Ist dieser Refill-Clip für den Versand nach USA verfügbar?
Denrik Dimyati : What name toolkit
Md Ashik : which type of ink i have to use thoose cartidge.... please tell this, and send some of pic that ink

HP 15 HP 45 Como recargar cartuchos de tinta HPC6615D HPC51645D HP15 HP45

Ahorraentinta, Líder de recargas de tinta y toner en España.
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Todo en tinta y tóner que precisas. Consigue el mayor ahorro en tinta y tóner del mercado

Este producto de recarga es compatible con las siguientes impresoras
Cartucho HP 78:
HP Colour Copier 280 HP Colour Copier 290 HP Deskjet 900c HP Deskjet 930 CM HP Deskjet 930C HP Deskjet 932 HP Deskjet 932c HP Deskjet 933c HP Deskjet 933 HP Deskjet 934c HP Deskjet 935 HP Deskjet 935c HP Deskjet 950C HP Deskjet 952 HP Deskjet 952c HP Deskjet 955c HP Deskjet 955 HP Deskjet 959c HP Deskjet 959 HP Deskjet 960 HP Deskjet 960c HP Deskjet 970 HP Deskjet 990CXI HP Deskjet 990 HP Deskjet 990CSE HP Deskjet 995 HP Deskjet 995c HP Deskjet 1180c HP Deskjet 1180 CXI HP Deskjet 1180 CSE HP Deskjet 1220 CSE HP Deskjet 1220C HP Deskjet 1220 C PS HP Deskjet 1220 CXI HP Deskjet 1280 HP Deskjet 6120 HP Deskjet 6122 HP Deskjet 6127 HP Deskjet 9300 HP Officejet G55xi HP Officejet G55 HP Officejet G85xi HP Officejet G85 HP Officejet G95 HP Officejet K60 HP Officejet K60xi HP Officejet K80xi HP Officejet K80 HP Photosmart 1000 HP Photosmart 1100 HP Photosmart 1115 HP Photosmart 1215 HP Photosmart 1215vm HP Photosmart 1218xi HP Photosmart 1218 HP Photosmart 1315 HP Photosmart P1000 HP Photosmart P1100xi HP Photosmart P1100 HP Photosmart P1115 HP Photosmart P1215 HP Photosmart P1215vm HP Photosmart P1218xi HP Photosmart P1218 HP Photosmart P1315

Cartucho HP 6625:

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Cartucho HP 23:

HP Colour Copier 140 HP Colour Copier 145 HP Colour Copier 150 HP Colour Copier 155 HP Colour Copier 160 HP Colour Copier 170 HP Colour Copier 260 HP Colour Copier 270 HP Colour Copier 290 HP Deskjet 710C HP Deskjet 712c HP Deskjet 720C HP Deskjet 722c HP Deskjet 810C HP Deskjet 812C HP Deskjet 815c HP Deskjet 830c HP Deskjet 832c HP Deskjet 880C HP Deskjet 880 HP Deskjet 882c HP Deskjet 890 HP Deskjet 895 HP Deskjet 895C HP Deskjet 1120C HP Deskjet 1120 CSE HP Deskjet 1120cxi HP Deskjet 1125C HP Deskjet 1250 HP Officejet 1170c HP Officejet 1175 C HP Officejet Pro 1170C HP Officejet Pro 1170 CXI HP Officejet Pro 1175 CXI HP Officejet Pro 1175C HP Officejet R40xi HP Officejet R40 HP Officejet R45 HP Officejet R60 HP Officejet R65 HP Officejet R80xi HP Officejet R80 HP Officejet T45xi HP Officejet T45 HP Officejet T65xi HP Officejet T65 HP PSC 500
PEDRO MARTIN : El cartucho HP 6615 -alta capacidad- puedes rellenarlo con 20 ml.
Edson Cavalcanti : ¿de dónde sacaste el balón para sellar el cartucho?
Leo : Creo que es una municion de rolineras.- el balon edson.-
total9day : merci

Sergio Daniel : Es mago? es mudo? Como consigue la bolilla? l El aparato azul para que sirve? El frasco blanco que tiene? Cuanto de tinta?


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